Wearing your baby – Spoiling or Strengthening the Bond?

It is one of the most talked about topics in modern day parenting. But is it really a new concept?

Not really. Babywearing has been prevalent for centuries. Work of famous artists from as far back as 18th century depict women carrying their children on them. In fact as history states, Rani Lakshmi Bai – Queen of Jhansi, wore her son when she went to war against the British.

Present day too, if we cast a glimpse at our villages, women carrying their offsprings in their traditional jhola (carrier) is a common sight. If we happen to cross a construction site or maintenance site even in the city, we often see hard-working women carrying their little ones on their back and labouring away. Women and even men around the world are seen wearing their babies with pride and ease.

Scaling heights – At Daikund Peak near Dalhousie

We started baby wearing pretty late, something I regret now. We had bought our first carrier when my baby was around 4 months and sold it by the time he was six months. Why? Because it was the wrong choice of carrier and my baby was not comfortable in it and neither were we as parents wearing it. I am glad we resumed when we did. Better late than never.


There are numerous advantages of babywearing. Happy to be sharing the top 5 basis my experience.

  1. Babywearing makes traveling easier. For people who know us as, know we are travelers. We love exploring new places, new cultures, interacting with locals, etc. After we had our son, we wanted to continue our passion for traveling the world. Babywearing made that possible.
  • Babywearing keeps my baby close to be hence no fear of crowded places.
  • Can easliy manage my luggage and baby at public places like airports, train stations, bus deopts, etc
  • Do not have to carry a stroller. A carrier anytime takes less space and is lighter. I’d happily save my baggage space for some shopping while traveling.
  • No place is off limits due to the terrain – we even went trekking with our baby to a peak in Dalhousie.
  • Don’t have to keep looking for an elevator to maneuver as is the case with a stroller.
  • When visiting the hills – like we love doing – it keeps my baby snug and warm
  • You can be out exploring for long and your baby will not tire of walking as babywearing gives both baby and parents a break.

  1. Babywearing promotes bonding. It allows you to keep your baby close, hence they feel safer. They can feel you next to them, hear your voice, and feel the warmth of your body. Studies reveal that babies who are carried or worn, tend to heal faster. Babywearing means you automatically have more physical contact with your little one ultimately strengthening the attachment between the parent and the child.
  • I have sometimes worn my son even inside the house, especially during the days he was sick and we were with no help. He was a lot calmer and relaxed when worn.


  1. Hands-free! Which basically means freedom and independence. Yes, since you’re not using your arms to carry the baby, your hands are free to tackle the endless household chores or finish your work and meet that dealing looming around the corner.
  • I have carried my son and gone shopping, stepped out for walks, written blogs, done multi-tasking all the while keeping y baby close.
A walk in the park
  1. Exercise – Carrying your baby is nothing less than a workout. Wearing makes it a lot easier however, has a similar impact.
  • My only workout on days was wearing my baby and going for walks. I love walking, so mommy and baby both happy!
In Old Manali – the day we walked 10 kms
  1. Keeps Toddler tantrums at bay – I’ve often noticed how my son throws a lot less tantrums when being carried as opposed to being on his own. I have total control over his movements so can easily manage him – and prevent him from making a scene – in the middle of a mall – flat on the ground. You get the picture!

Though babywearing is a personal choice and the discussion around it is endless. While some people claim that wearing your baby may end up making him clingy and spoil him. I beg to differ. On the contrary, Babywearing gives your child a sense of security and comfort.  It has been a boon for us and our baby. My son is now 28 months and weighs 12 kgs (all the more reason for to ensure we pack our carrier when we head out) and babywearing has come to our rescue many-a-times.


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