Reflections – A to Z Challenge

I didn’t know what was about to hit me come 1st April. And it did, with full force.

Being a part of the Blogchatter A to Z challenge has been an incredible experience. There are quite a few realizations and learnings I’ve had when I look back now.

  • I didn’t want to participate – I had enough challenges as it is. With a toddler and no time for me, how could I commit to a post a day right?
    • Wrong. If you are also in a situation where you have little or no time for self, stop, reflect and step back. It’s rightly said: sometimes taking a step back helps you take two forward.
  • I doubted myself – I knew I wanted to finish this challenge. But I am also a realist. And every single day that I lost to personal challenges, unable to write made me rethink and doubt myself.
    • Every time you doubt yourself, instead of asking yourself “What if I cant”, tell yourself “What If I can”. Along with the doubts came the perseverance to finish what I had started. 
  • Real-Life challenges – First week into the challenge, my son came down with an ugly case of a stomach infection. All my time, energy and focus shifted to him. Exhausting days and sleepless nights. I lost those a week.
    • But I realized how powerful determination can be. If you really want to, you can.
  • Support System – Thanks to the Blogchatter team who kept us motivated. My husband who took over the parenting duties the minute he returned from work, so I could write. My friends who kept pushing me gave constructive feedback and the community which showered so much love on my blog.

It was not just 30 days of the month. It was not just 26 letters. It was a journey of rediscovering myself and my belief in myself.

A to Z gave me a platform. A to Z gave me an excuse. A to Z gave me a reason. A to Z gave me the opportunity. To do something that I had been wanting to do for a very long time, to take up writing again, to start expressing my thoughts again, to rely on the power of words once again.

Thanks Blog Chatter.

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6 thoughts on “Reflections – A to Z Challenge

  1. This is a beautiful post. I am amazed how you stuck to your plans despite personal challenges. What can be a greater challenge than little baby falling ill. You persisted, you planned and you succeeded. Great!

  2. Wow!! This echos my thoughts on #MyFriendAlexa challenge! I was wondering what I was thinking signing up for the challenge, I have two young kids, hands more than full, and now this! But thoroughly enjoy the mad ride! I think I will sleep next month though 😀

  3. I remember this challenge being the major reason I love blogging so much. I’ve learnt a lot and will always be indebted to this challenge for it. You said it truly. There’s no reason to doubt yourself. You can always remove time and write!

  4. Loving the positive vibe emanating from the post. This is so motivating that one can always learn many valuable life-lessons through blogging challenge. Keep up the spirit.

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