United we stand, divided we crawl

When I started to blog (and micro-blog), I knew I was opening myself to the world. I knew I had to be prepared for the criticism. I wasn’t going to let that deter me from pursuing what I wanted to accomplish.

People judge more than they understand. People criticise more than they appreciate.

FACTS: I had a c-sec. I had to formula feed my baby the first day he arrived in the world because I had not started lactating. I want to get back on my feet. I want a career. I suffered from a bad case of PPD. I do not feed junk to my son. I do not let my son have sugary stuff. I am not depriving him by eliminating screen time. I prefer to give my son fruits over biscuits. I carry my son. I let him cry it out than giving in. I want my son to sleep in his own bed. I want my child to start playschool. I crave some me-time. 

Go ahead – judge me!

We all do. We may not accept or openly admit the fact, but we all have judged another mom at some time or the other and more often than not. I have too. Yes maybe judged you too. Would you like to know in what ways? Maybe not, because those are the same ways you have judged me too.

STOP and think. Think back to the when the mom you were so busy gossiping about could have instead used a friend because she was emotionally drained, or some help because she was bone-tired from chasing her toddler all day. But all she received was snickers and frowns.

We need to stop judging!

  • Csec doesn’t make a woman any less of a mother.
  • A mother would rather feed her child formula than let him starve.
  • Motherhood does not mean you lose sight of who you are.
  • Wanting to pursue your career does not mean you don’t love your child
  • PPD is real. It paralyzes your senses
  • How I feed my child should be my worry. I don’t expect you to take my approval on what you feed your child. Why would you think I would need yours?
  • Wanting me-time does not mean I don’t care for my baby
  • I am with him 24 hours, seven days a week. I know how to handle my child in public too.

What is funny is that we are quick to judge other mommies for the same situations we have been stuck in.

Remember mommies, the only person who knows your child best is you, that only you know how to raise your kid. Let’s stop mom-judging. Knowing that you are not alone is a big assurance to a mother’s spirit.

We need to STOP! There is no good or bad way of parenting, only mommies trying to give their best. And unless you are a perfect mother who has never faulted once in her journey, you have no right to judge another mommy.

Bottom line is, we are all doing our best. Just because I do it differently from you doesn’t mean I am doing it wrong.

We are all on this crazy roller-coaster together. Our aim is the same. Let’s do this together by supporting each other instead of pulling each other down. United we stand, divided we crawl.



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One thought on “United we stand, divided we crawl”

  1. So very true ..Rehaan’s mom…there is no way to shut the mouths around who have no better work than judging and guess what ..no one spared, be it a breastfeeding mom or a formula feeding one, a SAHM or a Working mom…Wish all this poking nose in other’s life stops and let everyone live in peace and harmony..

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