No screen. No scream

Rey is 2 years, 8 months. And he’s had no exposure to screens to now – NO mobile, NO TV, NO iPads, NO laptops, NO movie halls, NO video games, NOTHING. The only time he sees a mobile screen is during video calls which happen once in a while, supervised and limited to a couple of minutes. He’s been a screenfree child.
A very wise person once said – A child should know how to hold a pencil before he learns how to hold a mobile. And I concur.
And here’s why:
🔹Allow children to experience boredom.
🔹It leads to creativity. They find ways to keep themselves busy.
🔹 Sitting idle helps formulate thoughts and questions which is good for their brain development.
🔹They become more aware and involved.
🔹They become more active and social.
🔹 Less dependency on distractions
🔹 Without screen distractions, they eat only as much as the body requires.
🔹 Less irritable
🔹 The vocabulary will build and grow even without TV and cartoons, by talking to us.
🔹 And of course, the lesser the screen time – the better it is for eyes.
And because we started our parenting journey with this conscious decision, Rey now has no interest in screens. He doesn’t look at the screens even if they are on. He doesn’t demand for YouTube to be fed. He doesn’t need a daily dose of cartoons to satiate his developing mind.
There will come a day when I myself will take Rey to watch a movie in a hall, but for now and until then – we continue with a screen-free childhood.. just like the one we had in our formative years.

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3 thoughts on “No screen. No scream

  1. Yes… boredom encourages the kids to be creative. No screen is always good. So I have reduced my screen time to her sleep time only. No phones in front of my daughter.

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