Twinning is Winning!

One of the many reasons I wished for a baby girl (apart from the fact that they are their mom’s best friend) was the adorable and gorgeous girl merchandise such as dresses, hair accessories, ballerinas, hats, which are now available on the stands. The thought of dressing up my baby girl and myself in the same attire would bring a smile on my face even during my pregnancy days.

However, God had other plans, and I was blessed with an angel of a boy. It was love at first sight (as is with almost all moms). I found it hilarious that people often mistook him for a girl, courtesy his long, golden, wavy tresses! It (maybe) was God’s way of fulfilling my wish of having a baby girl.

The idea of twinning was always exciting and did not disappear with the boy baby. And I thought to myself, so what if I can’t wear the same dress or same hair clips with my boy, we can still twin, right. How?

That is where Bonorganik came into the picture.

I became their customer in 2016, when my son was just 11 months old, and we were planning our first holiday as a family. I had initially visited their website to order from their fabulous Mommy and Baby collection but was soon curious by the hilariously captioned tees from the Dad and Son collection.

My husband who wasn’t very fond of twinning (that is new right?) loved the idea and the tees.

My son is now well over 2 years, and we are still not over the twinning craze! The latest in our collection are these super-fun captioned tees from Bonorganik.

If you love coordinating your outfits with kid’s or anyone else you love, then read on as to why Bonorganik is the site you can rely on.

About the brand:

Bonorganik is a global apparel store that offers tees, dresses, pajamas, boxers, ethnic wear, footwear and much more for every bond, age group, and many occasions.  What sets them apart is how they help people bond over apparel by dressing similar.

Established in 2012, it was founded by two people passionate about delivering the best. Niharika Verma and Puneet Verma have over ten years of experience in the field and are well on their way to becoming the world’s only brand that sells clothing for all relationships.


  • Just Like Dad: My favourite category! They not only have dad and son; dad and daughter, they also have a dad, son and daughter section!

I shopped from this category and personally was very happy with their collection. You too can shop the Beer Inside, Milk Inside tees combination here.

  • Just Like Mom: Mom and daughter (sigh! I wish I could have shopped from here too. If you have a daughter who loves dressing up like her mommy, these combos will bring a smile on your face), mom and son (why should boys have all the fun eh?), mommy and baby (LOVE this one) and double trouble.
  • Just like Us: Family and friends outfits (no one is left behind!)
  • Him and Her: This is where I am planning to pick up my anniversary gift from. Shh..! It is supposed to be a surprise for him!
  • Super Siblings: There is something for the pranksters too.
  • My baby: Bodysuits for the little one with matching tees for Mum and Dad
  • Occasion wear: There’s a whole lot here from Special Days to Pre-wedding fun to Honeymoon madness to festivals and interest-specific.

Every item comes with a detailed description, which includes fit details, fabric details, styling help, and terms & conditions.


Material used:

Most of the apparel I have bought and browsed so far has been 100% cotton. Soft and easy on the skin.

How to order:


Browse through their online catalog.

Add your items to the cart and proceed to check out and make payment.

Easy peasy!

They offer free shipping in India and have the facility for paying Cash on delivery of the products till a 10k limit (check for your pin code though as there are area exceptions to this payment method). They even have an easy return policy (with T&C of course).

Go ahead, get your matching set now. After all, twinning is winning!

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13 thoughts on “Twinning is Winning!

  1. Indeed twinning is winning. I love twinning with my little one too. We have also ordered our set of twinning outfits for this mother’s day from bonorganik. They have sole collection up in their website.

  2. Firstly the pictures are so adorable!I can totally understand when you said there are so many ways and thimngs avavilable to dress up your baby girls, but us being moms of boys, our options are so limited.But twinning is something we often do with my 2 boys.Either I dress both of them up in similar outfits or we as a family try to matchy-match a particular colour coordinated ones.
    Your post was a fun read!

    1. Thanks Rhea. I try and do the same at times. And these tee shirts with their captions made them perfect. Do check Bonorganik site for your boys too.

  3. I love twinning…I have few frocks twinned with my daughter…but its nice to see your husband twinning with you son…All the pics are great!!

    1. Thanks Niharika. They have Mommy-Daughter sets too.. can also be customized for the family. Maybe one for your next special occasion! 🙂

  4. Twinning is so much in trend these days. But I haven’t seen father and son twin so well! Lovely outfits. I will probably get a few for my husband and son 😊😊

  5. I am a die hard twinning fan and never leave a single chance of doing it with my Lo.. this brand looks great. Will check it out soon !!

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