Traveling with toddlers!

Travel takes on a completely different meaning when the equation involves a baby. It’s no longer “go with the flow”. It’s about planning, about thinking ahead, about preparing.

One worry that plagues a lot of parents is the first- time air travel with their little one. Let’s face it, an aircraft is a jail we temporarily check into voluntarily. We’re restricted to our seats most of the times. There’s lack of space to move around. If you speak a decibel higher than you should, you see frowns on faces around. Not to forget the long queues before and after boarding.  Now imagine all this with a toddler to manage!

However, with the right orchestration, air travel too can be a memorable experience.

Sharing with you all a few tips and tricks to turn air travel into a tolerable experience.

📖Planning is the keyword.
📖Invest in a light weight compact stroller. Extremely helpful at the airports when you’re trying to juggle a baby, luggage and diaper bag.
📖Pick flights according to your toddler’s routine. Try and book short non stop flights or if long, flights with strategically timed stops.
📖Web check in and pick seats with more leg space. Aisle seats are best.
📖Let the toddler run around and tire himself out at the airport
📖Feed. Feed. Feed – During take off and landing to ease any air pressure discomfort
📖Prepare a toddler kit with baby’s favourite toys and something new just in case.
📖Trust your instincts and try not to go crazy if things don’t go as planned. 🤷


There’s nothing more magical than holding your baby in your arms, nothing more peaceful than watching the lil bunny sleep snuggled next to you and nothing more powerful than the love you feel for your baby.


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