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Given my obsession with redoing Rey’s playroom every couple of months, this post shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone! I had always wanted a toy station or corner for Rey’s room from where he could access all his toys and books. I had a few ideas in mind. But didn’t find anything that got me excited. Needless to say, Pinterest only gave me endless photos to bookmark.

With a wedding in the family and hardly any time to step out of the house to explore, I decided to take things into my own hands. Literally.

Hence started a DIY project.

Resources used:

  1. A discarded cardboard carton
  2. An old sheet
  3. Take away boxes
  4. Formula Cans
  5. Diwali Hamper tray


  1. Stuff the carton with old sheets or newspapers. You can even use it as a storage box for things you know you wouldn’t be needing for a few months. The box will not give way under the weight of the toys or collapse even if your over-excited toddler tries to climb on it.
  2. Wrap a sheet around the box and securely pin it in place from all sides. – tada!! The base is ready.
  3. Paint the formula can with baby-safe paints and decorate it to your liking. Be sure to line the inner rim with a paper masking tape. You can put stuff like straws, chalk, pipe cleaners, small toys and any other items you feel need a safe place.  I have used these cans as planters, pen holders, remote holders, storage cans, to store my hair clips and so on.
  4. Take away boxes – Once again you can use these to organize assorted toys, puzzle pieces, chalks, crayons, magnetic alphabets, etc.
  5. Diwali Tray – The diwali season just got over and left us with a heap of trays and baskets. don’t throw them just yet. I used a wooden tray to store his books, blocks and more toys
  6. I utilized the space by the window – the sill, to stack the books he most often picks up.

As a rule, I do not keep all his out on display, some I store away out of sight. I keep rotating so as to keep his interest alive.

This make-shift arrangement is working well for us. And I have reasons to feel pleased too.

  • I don’t have to feel bad about disposing it after just a few months.
  • I can change the look of the station by changing the cover sheet.
  • Early lessons on simple living and recycling, leading by example.
  • The height and reach are perfect for my little one.
  • And simply put – BEST OUT OF WASTE.

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2 thoughts on “Toy Station – DIY

  1. Thanks for redoing his room every 2 months. While you make this look very simple, I know it is far from it. Keep sharing such anecdotes for the larger world to benefit from DIY techniques.

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