Toddler Tales – Water marked!

Rehaan probably had the most fun in the pool on this Goa trip. And why not, he’s always been water baby. Sharing some quick tips on pool hygiene that helped us enjoy to the hilt.

🏊 Check for water hygiene and temperature – too hot or too cold can affect your baby’s health and skin.

🏊Avoid peak hours – in other words, avoid chaos. It’s a great time to bond with baby and distractions won’t help.

🏊Water proof sunscreen or sun protection – a must to protect your child’s delicate skin. We use La Roche-Posay suncreen for babies. Tried and tested.

🏊Bath buddy or fav toy – to bring in a sense of familiarity and build a sense of security

🏊 Drinking Water / sipper – water water all around, but not fit to drink.

🏊Swim diaper – a must- now this is what i was ignorant of. Never occurred to me that my lil baby might end up peeing or pooping in the pool. I did not think beyond the swimming trunks. But my sister came to my rescue and brought along swim pants for him. Swim diapers serve the purpose of containing fecal waste and prevent contamination. They can be reusable and disposable.

🏊Keep the baby entertained – Remember they have a short attention span whether at home or in a pool.

🏊Towel or robe – post swim must haves

🏊Carry a change – As adorable as they look in robes, they can’t live in them.

🏊 Don’t forget to enjoy!! Children see. Children do. Simple!

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