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It’s the festive season with Diwali (one of India’s biggest and most celebrated festivals) just around the corner. Diwali or Deepavali – meaning a row of lamps, known as the Festival of Lights is celebrated with great aplomb and fanfare in India.

It is the time when preparations start weeks ahead. A time when we go all out and pamper our loved ones and shower them with gifts and sweets. We prepare lists and jot down what would please who the most. And when it’s the children on that list, the answer is simple – toys. Isn’t it?
But then the question arises – what kind of toy?
As doting parents and family, we often tend to look for reasons and occasions to pamper our little ones. We spend hours browsing online portals or strolling through aisles of toys in stores looking for the brightest, most colorful, trending toys. Dazed by the plethora of choices available, we often tend to overlook how these toys impact the child. If you are a parent you would know how quickly a child loses interest before moving on to the next one or demanding a new one to play with.
What if we could gift them something that would not only engage your child but also teach them important skills in the process?
Toys that teach. Isn’t that a dream? Not really.
Children are naturally curious and impressionable. They are like sponge, soaking and absorbing everything they are exposed to. Giving them access to toys that create an opportunity to explore, simulate their minds and imagination, can help develop their skills and add tremendously to their learning process. So the obvious question is, how do we select such toys? It’s simple.
Toy shopping is an art. One that can be mastered. Especially more so when we have brands like Skola Toys which focus on early education applying the Montessori principles. Maria Montessori (an Italian physician, and educator) developed the Montessori Method of teaching. The Montessori Method is a child-centered approach based on the idea that children learn best when they have an intrinsic desire to learn and the environment supports their natural desire to acquire skills and knowledge.
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These principles focus on the learner’s capability and potential more than the teacher’s curriculum. It supports the natural development of children encouraging them to actively engage and explore putting their own imagination to work rather than following set rules.
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Toys created following these principles are far more superior as they:
  • Promote development of fine motor skills making them more independent and confident
  • Explore alphabet and words in a fun manner setting a solid foundation to read, write and communicate during their formal education
  • Create an understanding and recognition of shapes, sizes, colors etc through sensory experience
  • Introduce the concept of Numbers and counting and arithmetic calculations with the aid of tangible objects
  • Help in building focus, analyzing situations, solve problems putting their own little minds to work.
Skola Toys uses these very principles to create toys for children. They offer toys that not only keep the children involved but also helps hone their skills. What is even better is that Skola Toys are made of wood.
  • Perfectly safe for the little ones. Let’s face it, babies put anything and everything they can grab in their mouth. With toys made from unreliable plastic, that’s a big health hazard.
  • Wood is a far robust material than plastic, hence lasts longer. So no matter how many times it’s thrown or smashed, it will survive the blow and tantrums. It can be passed on to newer members of the family.
  • Wooden toys like puzzles, building blocks and games encourage imaginative play and help children with developing their fine-motor skills.
  • Wood can be recycled, so in a way, you are securing your child’s future by not contributing to the growing piles of non-biodegradable plastic on our planet.
So not only do Skola toys take your child on an exciting journey of learning accompanied by fun, they are safe and eco-friendly too. 
Still thinking? So go ahead, and now when you pick toys for your little ones, give the above points some considerations.

Gift them with something that teaches them a lesson. Give them something they will learn from. This Diwali, gift learning. 

Toys that teach. See.. I told you. Didn’t I?

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