Hello Hills and Babywearing!

A week back, we were breathing in fresh air, basking in the sun and exploring the hills. This was Rey’s fifth vacation and the second one to the hills.

13-20 Nov, 2017 Manali

So a few of you asked me how we managed to explore and walk so much with a toddler. The answer is in the photos. We wore Rey whenever we went for long walks and excursions. It not only kept him warm, but also safe and secure and did not slow us down allowing us to walk as much as 10kms a day. Yes. We like walking! 🙂

A few also asked how baby-wearing was compared to a pram as an option for a toddler.

Well here are a few things to consider before deciding:

⚬ Where are you going. Hot and humid vs cold and windy. Weather plays an important role in determining how comfortable your baby will be in either.
⚬ Is it pram friendly – smooth ramps, easy access etc. It can be cumbersome carrying a pram or a stroller if you have to constantly pick it to shift gears or lanes.
⚬ Crowded or wide open places.
⚬ Will you be shuttling in and out of buildings – taking stairs/escalators or elevators
⚬ For how long will you be out and about.
⚬ Baby’s comfort – is the baby used to being worn or prefers the stroller
⚬ Baby’s schedule and nap time
⚬ Traveling light or with luggage

Its not a comprehensive list, but just a few points I quickly jotted down. Would love to hear from parents the points they ponder and consider that helps make the decision.

Seen wearing here Meh Dai from Soul Slings.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soulslings/


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15 thoughts on “Hello Hills and Babywearing!

  1. Babywearing has proved to be a saviour for us too especially when we travelled last ! Can’t ever forget the ease we were at

  2. We swear by baby wearing. It’s so comfortable to handle a baby in it still keeping him comfortable. Your pictures clearly show how comfortable he is and the sleepy dust work 😊

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