Hair-owing Tales

The crowning glory its called. For a reason, a very good one. They define our good and bad days. They can give you confidence and a bounce in your step and they can make you feel years older than you are.

What am I talking about? HAIR. MANE. TRESSES.

They say you realize the worth of something only when it disappears from your life. They’re not wrong. Hair Today. Gone tomorrow.

Back in heydays, I experimented a lot with my hair. Chemical treatments like colouring, highlighting and straightening – I tried it all. Multiple times. I rocked whichever way I styled my hair even though I didn’t take any special care of my mane, used any and every shampoo. Oil? What is that?

And then motherhood happened. Which, by-the-way, wasn’t any less than a roller coaster ride. And no, I don’t mean the pregnancy, I mean the physical and hormonal changes. By the 9th month of my pregnancy, thanks to the diet and supplements I took, my tresses were thicker than ever, luscious, long and shiny. Salon-ready! But that happiness was short-lived. Then life happened. Sleepless nights, sudden hormonal changes and the dreaded post-partum depression. I suffered from severe hair fall, deteriorated hair quality and rock-bottom confidence levels. I had to do something!

Cut to the present, I am making conscious efforts to save my abused hair. During the last two years, I’ve tried a lot of treatments – ghereloo as well as from those chic-looking salons.

If it interests you, here are some of the things I tried and I think they worked

  • First! Chopped off the damaged ends, even if that meant losing half my hair length. Better to have healthy short hair than long, damaged hair. So snip, snap!
  • A healthy diet. No matter how many times you’ve heard it in the past, there will not be a better answer. Eliminate junk and increase your vitamin and mineral intake.
  • OIL! Religiously. Gone are the days when we had fresh air to breathe and chemical-free food to eat. If the pollution takes a toll on the skin, the same can happen to your crowning glory too.
    1. Homemade oil: Coconut Oil+Curry Leaves.

Wash the leaves and spread them on a plate to dry. Once dry, put them in a plastic bag and keep the bag in the sun for a day or two. The leaves will quickly dry and become crisp.

Heat the coconut oil in a pan. Add crushed leaves

Heat it until the leaves turn a dark shade. Stir frequently.

Let it cool. Strain the leaves out. Ready to be applied

2. A leave-in hair oil that can be used after wash.

  • Sulfate free shampoo – No matter how much these big brands claim for their shampoos to make your hair look salon-ready, the true story is that they all have chemicals which bring long-term damage to your hair.
  • Conditioner – A must. One thing I had never used in my life until last year, I am a strict advocate of regular conditioning now. Unless you live in a pollution free city, relying solely on organic food, hogging on home-grown fruits and vegetables and having nothing to stress about. You get the idea.

Brands – tried and tested

I do colour my hair even now thanks to premature greying. Yes, the curse of too many chemical treatments as well as the poor quality of water I had to make do with after I moved to Dwarka post marriage. The water was so harsh that within 2 years I had more grey hair than I should have had at my age. I am now stuck with regular touch-ups. It’s either that or looking like a clown with her hair on fire on a windy day. No thank you. At least not just yet.


I avoid and discourage the use of heat treatment. I do not blow dry my hair and avoid the straightening iron or a straightening hairbrush like a plague. Even the best of the straighteners can cause significant damage to your hair, make it brittle and prone to breakage and no amount of serum can completely prevent that from happening.

I have naturally wavy hair which tend to become straight as they grow in length.

For styling, I twist my hair in a bun and leave them like that for a few hours before untying for a beachy look.

Or, braid my hair and leave them overnight for a slightly crimped look.

But mostly, you’ll find me in my mom bun. The quickest and simplest of hairstyles. And the only one I have time for more often than not.

On most days I am happy with what I see. I do make exceptions for special occasions, but they have to be really really special.

I wish I could say there was that one magic potion I drank that made my mane grow back to its former glory. But then I would be lying. What I did is succeed through trial and error. And it’s still work-in-progress, but we’re getting there.




This is not a sponsored post.

All products mentioned are based on my personal experience.

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7 thoughts on “Hair-owing Tales

  1. I have the worst hair. It is just dead straight. NOTHING I do gives it any sort of volume. Curls NEVER stay in it. They used about 2 bottles of hair spray for my wedding – lol. It is very adamant that it remains STRAIGHT 😉

  2. You have some great tips in your post for hair care. Love the curry coconut recipe.I have never dyed my hair and since becoming a mom I use more dry shampoo than ever. I was tired of the dry shampoo aerosol so started making my own with arrow root powder and essential oil and haven’t gone back to store bought.

  3. I am going through the dreaded hair change as my baby is now 3 months old. I want to cry everytime I see more of my hair fall out. These are great tips! I need to start with getting a hair cut and treating my hair with coconut oil which I did after I had my 11 year old.

  4. Sejal, love love love this post. Simple yet powerful. I am saving the names of the shampoo and conditioner for future use!

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