Diapering – The Eco Way!

What is the first thing new parents stock up on apart from coffee?

Yes, it is the much-needed diaper! 🙂

The concept of diapers is not new. In fact, it dates back to centuries when mothers used to make use of cloth for their new-borns. These shreds evolved into langots or nappies and then came the disposable diapers. Disposables were a sigh of relief for moms who could not cope with the wash & use routine demanded by cloth nappies and preferred the use & throw comfort provided by disposables.

But do you know these disposable diapers are fast killing our planet? A single disposable diaper can take up to 500 years to decompose. A study shows a baby needs up to 5000 disposable diapers until potty-trained. Now do the math and imagine the number disposables being discarded daily.

I’ll confess my diapering journey hasn’t exactly been eco-friendly. I started off with cloth nappies because my elders always said that cotton is the only fabric that should be in contact with a baby’s skin so I used them till when my baby was an infant. However, I too ultimately fell victim to comfort over conscious. Fortunately, sense prevailed and I decided to do my bit. I started cloth diapering my baby again when he turned one. We aren’t completely off disposables but I do what I can do towards contributing a little more towards reducing the garbage.

There is growing awareness around eco-friendly diapering. I have been trying different cloth diapering brands since I switched to CDing. Some hits, some misses. I recently tried Fig-O-Honey which is an eco-conscious brand of cloth diapers and here’s why I recommend them:


  • Their cloth diapers are Eco-friendly. Unlike the disposable diapers which take centuries (about 500 years) to decompose.
  • Reusable – The more you wash it, the better the absorbency level.
  • Low maintenance – Wash them like normal nappies. Dry them in the sun. That’s all they require to be ready for use again. Hand or Machine washable and quick drying.
  • Gentler on the baby’s skin – My baby’s skin is so sensitive that I can not even apply a regular coconut oil on his skin without worrying. Imagine my delight when the fabric turned out to be super soft and baby skin friendly!
  • Gentler on the environment – That’s around a 2000 disposable diapers less from my side. Phew!!
  • Economical – They’re affordable, offered at a nominal price of Rs.446 per diaper which will last you more than a couple of years!
  • Material used –

– Outer printed layer: Polyester with waterproof and breathable TPU
– Inner layer: Soft micro suede that wicks moisture away and keeps the baby’s bottom dry and is stain-resistant.
– Insert: Absorbent 3-layer microfiber

Added Bonus: The cute as button prints on these diapers! And the multi-purpose wet bag. Since we didn’t head out anywhere this week for more than a couple of hours, I used the bag to store his toys! 🙂

Check out their full collection at http://figohoney.com/

Or follow their Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/myfigohoney/

We’ve fallen into a comfortable routine we follow everyday. My baby stays diaper free during the day, except for his naps. That’s when I switch to cloth diapers. For outings and Night time I am still guilty of using disposables. However, Rey is very close to being 100% potty trained and am hoping to be able to go completely free of disposables by the time he turns two.

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