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What is more dreadful for a parent to a toddler than a vaccination shot?

A toddler’s haircut! Its 15 agonizing minutes of the child screaming bloody murder!

Rehaan was born with a full head and at 20 months has already had 5 haircuts.

It wasn’t all smiles till a while back. Each passing visit meant more tears and tantrums, it kept getting more and more daunting.

After asking around and a bit of research, I came across Barber Black Sheep in Gurgaon. A kids salon, BBS is a place that creates a comfortable, stress-free space for parents to bring their kids.

Rehaan thoroughly enjoys his visits, spends all his time in the ball pit, pointing to the colorful toys around. Papa experiments with haircuts and the “Barber” obliges. Have to honestly say, I haven’t seen a better haircut on him. Though he cries, the staff never, even for a micro-second, frowns at him. I think I can safely say I’ve found our baby his go-to salon!

Their USP’s:
💇 High standard of quality and hygiene – well maintained, the pace is clean and well kept.

💇 A well-trained staff equipped to care for children – they know what they’re doing. Because they have only kids clientele, they don’t fizzle under pressure.

💇 Vibrant and colorful interiors – The place is paradise for children. From ball pits to cars and scooters to doll houses with toys of all shapes and sizes.

💇 Extensive variety of activities and games to keep kids occupied

💇 Pedicure/manicure and hair grooming services available for parents

💇 Venue for birthday parties, mundans and such events (prebooking required)

💇 Babysitting services (standalone as well)

💇A small cafeteria

About Barber Black Sheep

Barber Black Sheep is a whimsical idea turned into reality. The brainchild of a mother, an aunt and a grandmother, BBS tries to be a first in its space by combining three superb elements in a child’s life!
Contact Details:
AddressA14/1, 4th Floor, DLF Phase 1, Golf Course Road, Opposite Mega Mall, Sector 25, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
Phone088009 94022
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