Diapering – The Eco Way!

What is the first thing new parents stock up on apart from coffee?

Yes, it is the much-needed diaper! 🙂

The concept of diapers is not new. In fact, it dates back to centuries when mothers used to make use of cloth for their new-borns. These shreds evolved into langots or nappies and then came the disposable diapers. Disposables were a sigh of relief for moms who could not cope with the wash & use routine demanded by cloth nappies and preferred the use & throw comfort provided by disposables.

But do you know these disposable diapers are fast killing our planet? A single disposable diaper can take up to 500 years to decompose. A study shows a baby needs up to 5000 disposable diapers until potty-trained. Now do the math and imagine the number disposables being discarded daily.

I’ll confess my diapering journey hasn’t exactly been eco-friendly. I started off with cloth nappies because my elders always said that cotton is the only fabric that should be in contact with a baby’s skin so I used them till when my baby was an infant. However, I too ultimately fell victim to comfort over conscious. Fortunately, sense prevailed and I decided to do my bit. I started cloth diapering my baby again when he turned one. We aren’t completely off disposables but I do what I can do towards contributing a little more towards reducing the garbage.

There is growing awareness around eco-friendly diapering. I have been trying different cloth diapering brands since I switched to CDing. Some hits, some misses. I recently tried Fig-O-Honey which is an eco-conscious brand of cloth diapers and here’s why I recommend them:


  • Their cloth diapers are Eco-friendly. Unlike the disposable diapers which take centuries (about 500 years) to decompose.
  • Reusable – The more you wash it, the better the absorbency level.
  • Low maintenance – Wash them like normal nappies. Dry them in the sun. That’s all they require to be ready for use again. Hand or Machine washable and quick drying.
  • Gentler on the baby’s skin – My baby’s skin is so sensitive that I can not even apply a regular coconut oil on his skin without worrying. Imagine my delight when the fabric turned out to be super soft and baby skin friendly!
  • Gentler on the environment – That’s around a 2000 disposable diapers less from my side. Phew!!
  • Economical – They’re affordable, offered at a nominal price of Rs.446 per diaper which will last you more than a couple of years!
  • Material used –

– Outer printed layer: Polyester with waterproof and breathable TPU
– Inner layer: Soft micro suede that wicks moisture away and keeps the baby’s bottom dry and is stain-resistant.
– Insert: Absorbent 3-layer microfiber

Added Bonus: The cute as button prints on these diapers! And the multi-purpose wet bag. Since we didn’t head out anywhere this week for more than a couple of hours, I used the bag to store his toys! 🙂

Check out their full collection at http://figohoney.com/

Or follow their Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/myfigohoney/

We’ve fallen into a comfortable routine we follow everyday. My baby stays diaper free during the day, except for his naps. That’s when I switch to cloth diapers. For outings and Night time I am still guilty of using disposables. However, Rey is very close to being 100% potty trained and am hoping to be able to go completely free of disposables by the time he turns two.

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Traveling with toddlers!

Travel takes on a completely different meaning when the equation involves a baby. It’s no longer “go with the flow”. It’s about planning, about thinking ahead, about preparing.

One worry that plagues a lot of parents is the first- time air travel with their little one. Let’s face it, an aircraft is a jail we temporarily check into voluntarily. We’re restricted to our seats most of the times. There’s lack of space to move around. If you speak a decibel higher than you should, you see frowns on faces around. Not to forget the long queues before and after boarding.  Now imagine all this with a toddler to manage!

However, with the right orchestration, air travel too can be a memorable experience.

Sharing with you all a few tips and tricks to turn air travel into a tolerable experience.

📖Planning is the keyword.
📖Invest in a light weight compact stroller. Extremely helpful at the airports when you’re trying to juggle a baby, luggage and diaper bag.
📖Pick flights according to your toddler’s routine. Try and book short non stop flights or if long, flights with strategically timed stops.
📖Web check in and pick seats with more leg space. Aisle seats are best.
📖Let the toddler run around and tire himself out at the airport
📖Feed. Feed. Feed – During take off and landing to ease any air pressure discomfort
📖Prepare a toddler kit with baby’s favourite toys and something new just in case.
📖Trust your instincts and try not to go crazy if things don’t go as planned. 🤷


There’s nothing more magical than holding your baby in your arms, nothing more peaceful than watching the lil bunny sleep snuggled next to you and nothing more powerful than the love you feel for your baby.


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Making Memories

They say if you want to relive a moment, freeze it in a frame. I believe photos have the power to hit the rewind button. They have the power to take us back in time to moments we had buried deep in our hearts.


One such collection I love revisiting is Rehaan’s first baby photo shoot when he was 5 months old. Every time I go through these photos, my eyes well up. It doesn’t feel like an eternity has passed. But of course, it has, over a year has passed since then. A year of diapers and drools, melodrama and magic, tensions and tantrums, smiles and laughter, hugs and kisses, baby breath and baby babble, motherhood and madness. These photographs are the passage to the most beautiful phase of my life.

Your child’s first photo shoot is both an unforgettable and exciting event. And as any event, some amount of preparation goes into this day as well. Sharing with you a few points that can help make a photoshoot with your baby a smooth sailing.

  1. Time: Plan the shoot around your baby’s schedule. Choose a time when your baby is the most active and happy. Avoid nap times. There’s no fun capturing a cranky baby.
  2. Location: Pick a location that you know your baby will be comfortable at. Keep the current weather conditions in mind.
  3. Outfits: Pick outfits that your baby will feel comfortable in. Fancy clothes are for fancy shows!
  4. Accessories & Props: Discuss and finalize a theme (if you wish to) so you have enough time to arrange for props and accessories. A favorite toy, blanket, heirloom, keepsake, etc. Rehaan’s papa is a football fan so the shoot couldn’t be complete without a ManUnited Jersey!
  5. Own Outfits: Don’t forget about yourself! These are memories that will last you a lifetime. Pick outfits that make you feel good about yourself. Also, keep in mind that you will be cuddling and holding the baby so nothing too harsh for your baby’s skin.
  6. Loosen up baby’s clothing: This will give you enough time for the red marks caused due to outfit seams to disappear before the shoot begins
  7. Feed the baby right before the shoot. A content baby will be a lot more cooperative.
  8. Be prepared for worst case scenarios. Baby falling asleep, poop explosions, uncooperative baby, etc. Some days are just not meant for shoots. Keep your options open.
  9. ENJOY! Natural smiles make for great photos.

We were fortunate to have our first shoot for Rehaan by Adams Production. Thanks to Omar Bhatt for capturing us so well.

Omar is a passionate photographer who captures moments with your precious ones and turns them into memories for life. The best part about working with him was the ease with which he handled my baby. Doesn’t come as a surprise as he himself is an uncle to three darling toddlers.

The shoot happened in the comfort of our home and Omar had prepped us well enough to know what to expect and how we could get the best out of this shoot. At no point in time was Rehaan uncomfortable or cranky. He seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed his 15 minutes (plus a few hours) of fame! Can’t wait for Rehaan to turn two for his next shoot with him!

Contact Details:

Omar Bhatt

Email: omarbhatphotography@gmail.com

Phone: 07889362099

Website: http://adamasproductions.in/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adamas_productions/



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Toddler Tales – Water marked!

Rehaan probably had the most fun in the pool on this Goa trip. And why not, he’s always been water baby. Sharing some quick tips on pool hygiene that helped us enjoy to the hilt.

🏊 Check for water hygiene and temperature – too hot or too cold can affect your baby’s health and skin.

🏊Avoid peak hours – in other words, avoid chaos. It’s a great time to bond with baby and distractions won’t help.

🏊Water proof sunscreen or sun protection – a must to protect your child’s delicate skin. We use La Roche-Posay suncreen for babies. Tried and tested.

🏊Bath buddy or fav toy – to bring in a sense of familiarity and build a sense of security

🏊 Drinking Water / sipper – water water all around, but not fit to drink.

🏊Swim diaper – a must- now this is what i was ignorant of. Never occurred to me that my lil baby might end up peeing or pooping in the pool. I did not think beyond the swimming trunks. But my sister came to my rescue and brought along swim pants for him. Swim diapers serve the purpose of containing fecal waste and prevent contamination. They can be reusable and disposable.

🏊Keep the baby entertained – Remember they have a short attention span whether at home or in a pool.

🏊Towel or robe – post swim must haves

🏊Carry a change – As adorable as they look in robes, they can’t live in them.

🏊 Don’t forget to enjoy!! Children see. Children do. Simple!

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You’re One!

I couldn’t have started this blog with a better post. Although its been months, and its been a magical journey, i want to start this blog with one of the happiest day in my life as a mother after you were born.

A message from a mother to her son.

Birthday boy! You’re One! Happy happy birthday baby!


Feels like yesterday we found out about your presence.. the first sign that you were indeed there.. that gentle thud of your heartbeat in my womb that made it so real. Never had I felt so overwhelmed, so anxious, so nervous and yet so ecstatic at the same time. The first sight of you on the doc’s screen and how I wished I could somehow hold you close even though you were the closest to me a baby can be. Oh the first flutter.. so gentle.. it was like a hundred butterflies caressing me all at once. You made it so easy for me..always cooperative. The first kick while watching the Manchester United game and every kick thereafter became our secret way of communicating! And when you finally arrived..that moment will forever be etched in my heart.. when the doctor brought you to me.. I looked into the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen.. the most perfect baby I’d ever laid my eyes on…that moment when they placed your warm lil face on my cheek.. I knew right then I’d found my lil piece of heaven. My baby boy. Rehaan. My heart swells with joy every time I see you smile baby. You’re our lil piece of heaven that we’ll forever be grateful for.


We promise to do the best we can to raise you into a fine young man.. to give you the best upbringing we can, to love you with as much love as a heart can muster, to support you in every endeavour this life offers you, to cheer on you for every success you taste, to be by your side when things don’t go as you desire, to love you for who you become. We promise. ❤


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